• Our Vision

    We Vote is building the next generation of voting tech. We're creating a digital voter guide informed by issues you care about and people you trust. Through our nonpartisan, open source platform, we'll help you become a better voter, up and down the ballot.


    You have a lot of decisions to make when you vote, and political campaigns don't always tell the whole truth. With fake news and misinformation, it's hard to tell which candidate or ballot initiative is on your side. Does that candidate for state legislature care about the same issues that you do? Does the awkwardly-worded ballot initiative support what you believe or is it the exact opposite (and was it purposely written to be so confusing?!)


    We Vote cuts through the clutter to help you understand what's on your ballot. Our open platform empowers voters to create and share voter guides that aggregate information and opinions across personal networks. So you can help your friends be better voters too.


  • Who We Are

    We Vote is a nonprofit powered by volunteer designers, engineers, thought leaders, political junkies, and just ordinary good citizens. We know that if more people vote, we will get better outcomes. We contribute our time and passion because we want to empower people with the knowledge they need to become better voters, which will lead to a better democracy for us all.

    Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

    Co-Founder & c4 Board Chair

    VP, Strategy & Member Engagement at the Women Donors Network

    Tiana Epps-Johnson

    Senior Adviser

    Founder and Executive Director, Center for Technology and Civic Life

    Debra Cleaver

    c3 Board Member

    Founder and CEO of VOTE.org

    Alicia Kolar Prevost, PhD

    Senior Adviser

    Founding director of Defend Our Future and Research Fellow in Residence at American University's School of Public Affairs

    Dale John McGrew

    Co-Founder / CTO

    c3 and c4 Board Member

    Managed large software projects for companies like Disney and over 60 nonprofits

    William Winters

    c4 Board Member

    Campaign Manager at Color Of Change, CEL & Change.org

    Tory Gavito

    c4 Board Member

    Executive Director at Texas Future Project

    Lawrence Grodeska

    c3 Board Chair

    Civic Tech communications and innovation at CivicMakers

    Barbara Shannon

    c3 Board Member

    Adviser to entrepreneurs and C-level Fortune 500 leaders

    Anat Shenker-Osorio

    c4 Board Member

    Communications expert, researcher and political pundit

    Betsy Sikma

    c3 Board Member

    Sarah Clements

    Engineering Intern

    Irene Florez

    Engineering Intern

    Jeff French

    Lead Designer

    Anisha Jain

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Judy Johnson


    Neelam Josh

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Ciero Kilpatrick

    User Experience Design Intern

    Eric Ogawa

    User Experience Design Intern

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